What is it about?

Freemasonry is a society of men concerned with the mutual improvement of moral and spiritual values which its members are encouraged to put into practice in their daily lives.  Membership of the Craft is open to every respectable man who believes in his personal Supreme Being – usually known in Masonic terms as the Great Architect of the Universe, Grand Geometrician of the Universe or Most High.  These descriptive names show the importance the Freemason places on his Supreme Being in the order of things in Life.

There are three great principles of Freemasonry that have endured for many years and, whilst they may seem old fashioned, are still as relevant today as they were when first conceived:

Brotherly Love

Characterised by tolerance and respect for others and their opinions and behaving with kindness and understanding towards all people with whom we come into contact throughout life.


Practising care and charity towards our own members and the community as a whole; giving some of our time and attention to care for those who are less fortunate and for the good of our communities; and personal charitable giving, without detriment to our families.

Freemasons believe in Truth in all things, in honesty and integrity in their personal, business and public life, in fair dealings and in firm standards of decency and morality.

As every man progresses in Life by education so every Freemason is taught how he can be a better Man. This is done by a series of degrees – each degree educates him and answers some questions but leaves a door beyond. When the candidate has grasped the teaching of one degree, that door is opened by his progress to the next degree. Freemasons believe that through the daily practice of these three great principles, men may achieve self-improvement and higher standards in life.