Ye Olde Bargate Lodge, 5296


Welcome to the website for the Ye Olde Bargate Lodge of Freemasons. 

We meet in the city centre of Southampton at the Masonic Centre in Albion Place on the second Monday of October through to May.

Freemasonry is an international and widely recognised fraternity that is centuries old. It provides its members with the opportunity to embark on a journey of

Freemasonry is open to all men above the age of 21 years. If you are interested in joining we recommend you look at the Province Of Hampshire and Isle of Wight website. learning and self-discovery. Most Masons find the experience both challenging and rewarding and above all, enormously enjoyable.

If you wish to continue and want to explore joining then please contact us From the information provided, we will arrange to meet up with you and provide you with further information about freemasonry and Ye Olde Bargate.